Statute of the syndicate methane e. V.


§ 1 Name, headquaters, financial year

The association bears the name "Interessenverband Grubengas (IVG)". The entry into the register of associations, is to be expected soon, with the addition "e. V.". The association has its headquarters in Duisburg. Financial year is the calender year.

§ 2 Purpose of the association

The association has the purpose of creating a work basis for methane and in particular for research, development, production, promotion and danger warning. The association supports all activities which serve the purpose of the association, for example:

Support of research

Compilation of guidelines

Organization of congresses, seminars and qualification

Advice in technical, economic and legal matters

Public relations

Defending conceptions and demands of the federation in particular with legislative organs

Representation of the members in committees of other organizations

§ 3 Membership

The association has full members and supporting members.

Members have to be active on the topic of methane or have knowledge, experience or influence in one or more of the federation’s branches.

Full members have to be natural and legal entities or person combinations, who

support the goals of the association. 

Supporting members can be representatives of public interest, e.g. authorities, public institutions, institutes or associations. 

The request for membership is to be addressed in writing to the executive committee, which decides on the request. 

The membership expires by death, withdrawal or exclusion. Withdrawal can take place to the end of one financial year with a three-month notice by registered delivery. The exclusion can only take place for important reason. As important reason is considered in particular an offence against the statute. The executive committee decides on the exclusion.

§ 4 Membership contributions

The membership contributions are fixed at the annual meeting of the members. The contribution for full members amounts presently to 250 Euro for legal entities and to 125 Euro for natural persons. Supporting members do presently not pay contributions.

Membership contributions are raised for one financial year. They are due at the beginning of the year, new members pay at their admission. The contributions paid by the initial members apply to the first complete calendar year, even if the association was already created in the previous year.

§ 5 Organs

Organs of the association are the executive committee and the meeting of the members.

§ 6 Executive committee

The executive committee consists of the chairman and the deputy chairman. The term of office of the board members is 3 years. The members of the board are selected at the meeting of the members. Only full members have a right to vote.

§ 7 Meeting of the members

Meetings are called in for as required, at least however twice a year, by the executive committee. The invitation is sent in written form including the agenda with period of at least two weeks. 

The meetings take place in Germany. The members do not have legal right of refunding. 

In addition, a meeting of the members is to be called up, if a third of the members requires this.

The meeting of the members has a quorum, if at least one third of the full members are present. If it does not have a quorum for lack of sufficient participation, a new meeting is called up, which in this case will have a quorum without the required number of full members. 

The meeting of the members make resolutions with simple majority. Full members have one vote. 

On each meeting, the minutes have to be taken. They are to be given or sent to the members at the latest six weeks after the meeting. Objections or additions can be submitted within a period of 4 weeks.

The meeting of the members can select a person to examine the annual accounts.

The minutes are taken and signed by the assigned member by the chairman of the board.

§ 8 Amendments

Amendments can be decided on with three quarters majority of the full members.

§ 9 Dissolution of the association

The dissolution of the association can be decided on with threequarters majority of the full members. In case of dissolution of the association or end of its present purpose, the property of the association falls to the country North-Rhine-Westphalia for the promotion of science and research.




Duisburg, 20th January, 2000