The federation



Conditions of admission

Member in the Interessenverband IVG e.V. can become anyone who is active on the topic of methane or has knowledge, experience or influence in one or more of the federation’s branches. The request for membership is to be sent in written form to the IVG e.V.

Federation work

  • Support of research

  • Compilation of guidelines

  • Organizing congresses, seminars and qualification

  • Advice in technical, economic and legal matters

  • Public relations

  • Defending conceptions and demands of the federation in particular with legislative organs

  • Representation of the members in committees of other organizations

Membership contributions

  • Private people 150,00 € p.a.

  • Public authorities and institutes 300,00 € p.a.

  • Companies pay in accordance with their annual figures:

up to  2.5 Mio. €   300,00 € p.a.

up to   10 Mio. €

  600,00 € p.a.

up to   25 Mio. €

  900,00 € p.a.

over    25 Mio. €

1.200,00 € p.a.